Maintaining Healthy Audio and Sound Levels

Sound is an important aspect of everyday life. It is the means by which we communicate, make music and run different systems among many other things. Because of that, we should always work to ensure that we use sound properly so that it does not become destructive.


Areas Where Sound and Audio Management is Necessary

  • Recording Studios

If there is one area where sound management is vital, it has to be the recording studio. Here, whatever action is taken with equipment has a direct effect on the quality of the final product. A balance is needed to ensure that all aspects- instruments, vocals, graphics, etc. – work in harmony to create an all-round product.

For this reason, recording studios often engage a sound engineer to control this aspect of production. They also invest heavily in making the recording room ambient through soundproofing to protect it from external noise and also prevent echoes from the inside.

  • Entertainment Rooms

Audio and sound are key aspects of all forms of entertainment. Whether you are listening to music at home or watching movies in a theatre, the quality of sound will determine how you enjoy the entire experience.

The tricky thing about sound in entertainment areas is that different people have different preferences. There are those who love booming music while others love soft music. Either way, healthy levels of sound should be maintained.

To understand what healthy levels to use, it is important to talk to a health expert and ask how different volume levels affect your hearing. It might sound like something you won’t want to make a doctor’s appointment for, but you can always bypass that by talking to a GP through your phone.

By clicking here, you gain access to a platform that allows you to talk to a GP at any time of the day. The connection can be done without leaving your home or entertainment joint. Therefore, you can have the GP listen in and advice you on the safe levels of sound.

  • Motor Vehicles

It is not unusual to have a stereo in the car or, in more recent times, a Bluetooth set. These can provide great company or psyche while on the drive but care should always be taken not to overdo things. Remember the car is a small confined area and the sound is bouncing off the surface into your ears.

Greater care should be taken when there are children in the car and when travelling for long distances. If you have to play excessively loud music, make sure that’s only for a short while. In addition, always try to have the windows open so that most of the noise speeds outside.

Always remember to stay within the legal limits though!

Maintaining Healthy Audio and Sound Levels

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