Audio Technology

The Importance of Wallpapers In Music Studios

When it comes to music creation, every element within a studio plays a crucial role in shaping the creative process. While equipment, acoustics, and furniture are often the primary focus of a music studio setup, one often underestimated yet impactful component is wallpapers. The presence of wallpapers in music studios contributes to the aesthetic appeal […]

Why Headphones Have the Edge Over Speakers in Gaming

When setting up your gaming studio, one of the pertinent issues is whether to settle for speakers or gaming headphones. Speakers have several advantages. There’s no fatigue, can offer a true surround sound experience and are versatile as you can still count on them if you are a music enthusiast. However, gaming headphones are the […]

The Best Wallpaper for Audio Studios

Traditionally spaces for recording audio have often had a reasonably plain décor. This is because the focus has instead been on acoustics and echo prevention. However, once all of the audio-based issues have been sorted, there is no reason why great-looking wallpaper cannot be utilised. There are many designs to be found on the website […]

A Guide to Audio and Sound Engineering School

Most people around the globe are passionate about music. They want to engage in music production and provide sound or audio techniques. If you want to become an expert in this field, there’s much you must do. Gaining advanced skills in sound and audio engineering can be helpful. In this abstract, you will discover how […]

Technology Trends in Audio and Sound in 2020

Audio technology is changing, and this has altered how we consume sound. These changes have been partly driven by the growth of streaming services and the demand for high quality sound from consumers. From the studio, the newsroom, and even at home, here are the latest technology trends. Monitor Calibration 2020 has seen the increased […]

The Best Lighting Ideas For Your Audio Studio

When working in an audio studio, maximum attention needs to be given to the quality of sound that is recorded. To achieve this, it is important to ensure that there are no distractions whatsoever in the studio. Many people concentrate on soundproofing and microphone quality when recording audio. However, it is important to also take […]

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