Why Headphones Have the Edge Over Speakers in Gaming

When setting up your gaming studio, one of the pertinent issues is whether to settle for speakers or gaming headphones.

Speakers have several advantages. There’s no fatigue, can offer a true surround sound experience and are versatile as you can still count on them if you are a music enthusiast.

However, gaming headphones are the best, especially in competitive gaming. Here is why.

1. Sound Isolation

Background noise can be a nuisance when taking on opponents in Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It could be why you don’t hear the enemy preying on you. The good thing is that gaming headphones have sound isolation, so all background noise is cancelled. You only hear in-game sounds and not the chats of your roommates or any other disturbance out there.

2. Optimised for Gaming

Another advantage of gaming headphones is that they are optimised for gaming. They come with unique features that facilitate competitive gaming. For example, if you are into multiplayer games that require communication with teammates, you will need a microphone which speakers don’t have. With speakers, even if you have a secondary mic, the mic will pick up your communication alongside background noise, which could impede communication. But with gaming headphones, the mic picks only your communication.

3. Portability

Another reason to go for headphones is portability. If you are an on-the-go gamer, you can’t rely on speakers. But with headphones, you can tag them along and still enjoy gaming at school or even when commuting.

The above are the advantages of headphones over speakers in the gaming scene. The good thing is that the best gaming headphones will still give you true sound as they also offer surround sound. They have also been designed for comfort, so fatigue shouldn’t be a concern.

Why Headphones Have the Edge Over Speakers in Gaming

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