Making Your Audio Studio More Comfortable

An audio studio is where the magic of music takes place. This is where music is made in its most raw form, with different equipment to record the sounds being played in the highest possible quality. An audio studio isn’t simply a space for work to take place, however, as it is also where people need to relax. In between recording takes, or when trying to write new music, it’s crucial that artists and sound engineers are all able to relax in comfort. Keep reading to find out the different ways you could make your audio studio more comfortable.


Nothing can beat a comfortable sofa that you can spread out on and just relax. A good sofa will be stylish as well as comfortable to sit on. Placing a couch in your audio studio can allow anyone to use the space to relax between recording music or even when they’re playing back the tracks or writing out new songs. Furniture can become worn over time, but using Ikea sofa covers can be an effective way of prolonging your sofa’s life whilst looking great at the same time.


Cushions can be great for adding extra comfort to a room. They can be used to sit on so that harder furniture is soft and relaxing. Cushions are also great for refreshing a sofa that may be a little older and looking tired, as different styles and colours can turn something that looks worn out into a more fresh and appealing piece of furniture.


Nobody wants to stay in a space that simply doesn’t look appealing. An audio studio is a place where creativity flows, and the decoration should match this and allow for a creative atmosphere. You don’t have to be plain with the decoration of the studio, as you can experiment with different colours for the walls and soundproofing. You can also use furnishings and art to enhance the space, with artworks being a good way of providing some inspiration. For example, consider using bright colours or bold patterned wallpapers to liven the room up. At the same time, tables and shelves can also provide functional places for equipment to be placed.

Making Your Audio Studio More Comfortable

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