Running a Music Business

If you are lucky enough to own your own music business, whether you are a self-employed sound engineer or you have a vintage vinyl record store, then you need to advertise. Even if you get a lot of business through word of mouth, a little extra promotion won’t hurt.

During times of financial uncertainty for many small businesses, such as the recent global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many small businesses took a hit financially, and some were forced to close forever. It is possible to mitigate this by having a regular source of advertisement such as the boost in branding that is offered by, and you can achieve that by having your own, regularly updated website.

Updating the Website

You may be wondering why you should update your website regularly. The simple answer would be to keep your visitors engaged. If someone is searching for a product or service, then they hit upon your web page; if the last post update was months or years ago, they may think you are now out of business and not contact you. If you think you may need help in promoting your work and your page, then can help you. offer a range of services, so they are worth checking out. You can get on the right track and encourage a steady stream of clients with a great-looking online presence. They also have a variety of packages on offer, so you can choose something to fit both your need and your budget.

High Street Presence

If you already have a high street presence, such as a shop selling musical instruments, you might not be too keen on spending money on online advertising and marketing but to not do it would be a mistake. For so many reasons, traffic to high street stores has peaks and troughs. Your regular customers might be unwell and would prefer to order online for a short time, having items delivered rather than having to struggle to get to the shops. Alternatively, they may change jobs and work longer hours or be further from home so getting to the store is not as easy as it used to be.

These are the customers you want to keep coming back to you, so by offering an online store for them to buy what they need or to book your services quickly and easily, you are enabling them to stay loyal to you. If you do not make it easy for them to buy from you, they will simply find someone else who will. That is not a good business strategy to have.

Bringing Music to Everyone

By offering both a high street store and an online presence, you will reach a broader potential customer base; you may even start getting orders from abroad. You may find that your online business is more lucrative than the physical shop, but don’t consider closing unless it becomes completely untenable. There are always die-hard music fans who prefer browsing boxes of vinyl for the classic album they are missing rather than clicking online!

Running a Music Business

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