Technology Trends in Audio and Sound in 2020

Audio technology is changing, and this has altered how we consume sound. These changes have been partly driven by the growth of streaming services and the demand for high quality sound from consumers. From the studio, the newsroom, and even at home, here are the latest technology trends.

Monitor Calibration

2020 has seen the increased use of computer-aided monitor adjustment systems in homes that lack optimum listening environments. This can be attributed to digital signal processing which can automatically calibrate speaker systems to match different environments and different projects.

Immersive Audio

Immersive sound was catapulted to the scene in 2019. Still, it has improved immensely due to decreased computing power costs, the increased popularity of mobile devices and wireless headphones, and streaming services showing major films which require excellent sound. Netflix even announced that they are onboarding Dolby audio technology to their platform. Dolby’s immersive sound technology already exists on laptops, and it eliminates the need to place speakers all over the home and overcomes challenges like space constraints and esthetics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Better Audio Output

Artificial intelligence is making its mark in sound and audio, and smarter tools are solving various audio issues using audio repair technologies, thus improving sound quality. AI is performing multiple functions like:

  • Adding selective noise cancellation
  • Producing high-quality audio from low-quality sources
  • Changing dialects and languages in speech


The miniaturization of electronic devices has been driven by advances in computing technology and the uptake of smartphones, which has had a significant impact on audio production. Smartphones have become a portable digital device that can be used for broadcasting, news reporting, and even voice-overs.

Based on the trends seen above, we can expect more advancements driven by the rise in work-from-home jobs due to the coronavirus. Also, the shutdown of cinemas may force streaming services to improve their audio to meet the needs of consumers who prefer to watch the latest blockbuster from the comfort of their homes.

Technology Trends in Audio and Sound in 2020

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